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In an industry known for fleeting fads and short-lived trends, B.FIT™ has proven to be an enduring, respected and influential presence in the fitness world since Tina de Lemps created the company twenty years ago.

Tina’s knowledge and involvement in dance and movement led her to become an innovator in the field of personal training and fitness. She worked alongside exercise visionaries and in 1980, established the first true aerobics studio in New York City. Years later, Tina was instrumental in the transition from aerobic dancing to "interval training" and for making personal training available to the general public.

Joe Munna’s participation in fitness began at an early age through weight lifting and athletics. His interest and outstanding abilities in these areas led him to study and explore human anatomy and kinesiology. As a fitness professional, he has created a unique technique for strength called “Resistance through Assistance” and a safe and effective method for flexibility called “Super Stretch”.

Tina and Joe joined forces, bringing their diverse backgrounds yet similar philosophies together. They, as well as Jolyn Arisman, B.FIT’s master trainer, live lifestyles that exemplify their beliefs concerning health and fitness. They have a passion for sharing these values and have assembled an extraordinary team of fitness professionals. This team is the essence of B.FIT.

What sets them apart from others in their field is their focus on the whole person, and not merely the body. They take the time to get to know their clients and devise realistic ways to help them make fitness a way of life. B.FIT is not about a “quick fix”. It is about helping people to create a lifestyle that allows them to stay active, healthy and vital.

Tina and Joe’s dedication to their clients and their commitment to service stem from their deep rooted beliefs in what they do.

B.FIT - personal training, on-site gym management