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This holiday season give a gift of wellbeing!

"I love the fact that I work with a team of personal trainers who each focuses on a different component of fitness"

"I’ve tried every diet and form of exercise and never stuck with any of them. Then I started working with a B.FIT trainer. Now 6 years later I’m still going strong, and in the best shape of my life!"

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Get into the best shape of your life!




It’s a movement!!

f e m c h o* is a program designed to develop inner and outer strength for teen and pre-teen girls. The program encourages health, self-respect, and a fit body and mind. While participating in physical activities that include strength, cardio-vascular conditioning, coordination and flexibility, the girls affirm their inner strength and self worth, while repeating words to develop power, confidence and compassion. Following the physical workout, the girls participate in a peer appropriate discussion that helps them to explore and discover their full potential as young women.


The femcho* mission is to help pre-teen and teenage girls develop positive self-image, self-respect, confidence, a healthy mind, and a fit body through a specifically designed fitness program that incorporates strength, cardio-vascular conditioning, and flexibility while repeating words that affirm femcho* belief principles.

femcho*: It's a movement!

The femcho* mission is to create awareness and empowerment among the pre-teen and teenage girl population to feel comfortable in their own skin, to be proud of you they are, to feel strong and to not succumb to societal peer pressures that exist today.


To appreciate the power and beauty associated with femininity however it is uniquely defined.
To have immense zest and enthusiasm for life; to exert positive energy into the universe.
To be conscious of how decisions and choices made affect self and others.
To decide what’s cool without being influenced by negative peer pressure.
To enable proper development, prevent disease and achieve balance in life through exercise and positive affirmations.
To embrace and accept uniqueness and identity that support building confidence and self-worth.


f e m c h o * is a movement that will change how girls and young women define who they are and what their relationships are to each other, and out in the world. We will bring femcho* to your schools, Girl Scout troupes, youth organizations and camps.


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